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T. Mooreson, 8:59 AM, 410 Ann Street.

George eyed the yellow post-it in her hand with skepticism and glanced at her watch again. The digital display read 8:50 AM and she scowled. Today was the second day in a row Rube had given her a morning reap, cutting it too close to the start of the work day. Dolores wouldn’t be happy when she showed up a half hour later. And even Dolores wasn’t stupid enough to buy a bull shit excuse like car accident two days in a row.

8:55 and still no sign of anything that looked remotely dangerous. She scanned the street, looking for gravelings and looking for potential accidents. The suburban Seattle road was virtually empty.

“T. Mooreson,” she muttered, raising an eyebrow as a kid road buy on his bicycle. “You better not keep me waiting. Death doesn’t exactly pay the bills.” George paused for a moment and rolled her eyes. “Shit, neither does Daisy.”

And no matter how much she bitched about it, George knew without a doubt that the complaints would fall on deaf ears. Saying something to Rube would just lead to yet another stupid lecture. She sighed and shook her head, glancing at her watch again. The numbers slowly changed to 8:56, too slow for her tastes.

Wonder what Daisy would think if I killed off her father, she mused as she watched a car back out of its drive way. Roommate crisis? Dickwad boyfriend left her high and dry at the Motel- “Oh shit.”

Quickly, it came together as a graveling ran across the road. It stopped in front of a fire hydrant and looked around before sticking its finger in a drip George had failed to notice. She frowned and then, seeing a balding man jog towards her, the frown became a wry grin. As friendly as she could, George smiled at the man and patted his back when he passed her, taking his soul.

“Run as if your life depends on it,” she shouted with false encouragement. You’re going to need it.


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